Real Estate Property Management

One of the biggest decisions you will make as a landlord is whether you should hire a property management company or not. Many landlords manage properties on their own or with the help of an employee, such as a resident manager. Sometimes it happens that landlords need more help when property issues are complicated. This is when landlords need to seek help of real estate property management companies.

Real estate property management companies can be a huge asset to your company but they don’t come cheap. They deal directly with prospects and tenants, saving you time and worry over marketing your rentals, collecting rent, handling maintenance and repair issues, responding to tenant complaints, and even pursuing evictions. A good property management company brings its know-how and experience to your property and gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment is in good hands.

A real estate property management company is an independent contractor and this helps you avoid the hassles of being an employer. Along with the benefits, hiring a real estate property management company also comes with a drawback of being an expensive one. If you are living far from your rental property, it will be difficult for you to handle property issues from afar. Most of the landlords look forward to finding good tenants to maintain their property in good and attractive condition.

On the contrary, there are few landlords who look at their property purely as an investment and are not interested in lending them to any tenants. In this case, the best option is to hire a real estate property management to handle the property and manage the related issues. Even if you enjoy hands-on management, you will run out of time to concentrate on the growth of your business which will put you in a situation to hire help for your property. Hiring help of a real estate property management company is an attractive option if you can afford the fees for the same. While interviewing management companies, expect to hear quotes ranging between 5% and 10% of what you collect in rent revenue.

Trying to choose a property agent can be daunting, after all you need someone with experience, energy and a passion to succeed! Perhaps even more importantly, someone who will talk to you and honestly discuss how the real estate industry can work successfully for you. In real estate, it’s about service – and that’s what gets results!

News For This Month: Stickers

Don’t Just Buy A Parking Decal, Read This First You may have to deal with a hard time of finding the right parking spot for your car each and every morning when entering the parking lot. There are lots of companies these days that are operating on space sharing basis in the parking area. And depending on the parking lots that are assigned to them by authorities, they issue parking decals or parking stickers for car owners. Among the best ways of ensuring that you don’t struggle in getting proper parking space for your car on a daily basis is through the use of parking decals. There are various types of parking stickers you can find in the market and depending on your requirement, you could order any kind of stickers for employees of your firm. If you have plans of buying static cling decals or parking decals, then it will be crucial to learn the next points. First of all, the material used in making the parking decal is an integral aspect that must be taken care of. Most of the time, these stickers are just made using paper stock, which are laminated properly to guarantee that they will stay for long. Irrespective of dust and rain that they are exposed to, laminating these decals make them more visible and clearer. In addition to that, static cling decals are frequently used by car owners. Static cling decals could be utilized to convey your message on the sticker without any adhesives.
Questions About Tags You Must Know the Answers To
The cling decals are made of thin, clear or white static adhering material and don’t require adhesives. They can be used easily as parking decals or even as a parking violation sticker. The ease of removing them is the other most important element when choosing a decal. When trying to remove decals, people most of the time end up spoiling their car’s windshield. As for decals that are opaque, these will not be that simple to remove and they couldn’t be used again. The quality and type of adhesive used is an integral factor and we have to be certain that the adhesive should not defrost. This guarantees that it will be clean and leave no spots behind when they are removed.
Questions About Tags You Must Know the Answers To
You have to consider these key elements before you place an order online when buying parking decals. There are many stores over the internet that provide high quality decals and can be a big help to locate the perfect windshield decal for your car. The only thing that you need to do is to personalize the decals until it meet your requirements and wait for a few days until it is delivered right at your doorsteps.

Northern Virginia Real Estate: Looking At Seller’s Disclosure In Virginia

Unlike other countries, the law requires the seller’s Virginia primary openness to reveal little about their home. Virginia law requires sellers to disclose the following information:

Is the property in an area where military air installations located
If the house has defective drywall
If the property has previously been used as a meth lab and had not been cleaned in accordance with the country’s guidelines
Whether the property has a septic system tanc that need to be corrected, but the owner has obtained a waiver from the Virginia board of health. Sellers have to let the buyer know whether the waiver would apply to buyers
Sellers can choose to disclose whether the property in the designated zone of tourism activity.
In Virginia, a newly constructed home is usually exempt from disclosure rules of law.
In addition to the disclosure of the country, the seller must also meet federal disclosure requirements. Sellers with homes built before 1978 are required by the federal government disclosure of Title X. This is a disclosure about lead-based paint and hazards.
As a seller you must provide EPA-approved pamphlet information to the buyer. This pamphlet should provide information relating to lead in your home. It is also required that you give buyers a choice assessment lead-based paint.

A seller disclosure is very important for you as a buyer because it provides further details about the home you are looking to buy.

If you are looking to buy a home in Virginia, you need to do the donkey work itself. You should check your home or hire a professional to help you out. When doing your own inspection, you need to focus on the following areas:

Reason: checking septic tanks, drainage systems, roads, sidewalks and fences.

The electrical system: it is impossible to do this by yourself so you have to hire a professional to do it for you. professionals must ensure that the electrical system up to code and the system works perfectly.

structural elements: you have to go home and make sure that the construction is done and there is no evidence of bent or sagging.

exterior surfaces: make sure that there is the correct permissions between siding materials and soil.

Roofs: You should check the condition of the shingles, chimneys, vents and gutters. As a rule of thumb to make sure that everything is perfect.

Interior plumbing: hire a professional plumber to help you identify the damaged or leaking pipes. Make sure that the toilet, sink, shower and bathtub fully functioning.

ban imposed

While the seller’s obligations are minimal disclosure, Virginia law has a standard that sellers should follow. The law requires that the seller does not have to do or say anything that distracts shoppers from finding the problem. Sellers also do not have to cover known defects.


Virginia law requires the seller revealed little about the house. If you are interested to know more about the house, you have to do a personal assessment. To buy the right home, working with a certified and experienced professionals.

Sparkling Future For Estate Agency

These days growth factors have had a turn very wide and fast entirely leaps and bounds and cope with the immediate changes is something that is very challenging for different industries. Each industry has its own settings and can move in accordance with the demands made and the changes develop. The technology industry requires a very quick response if the business need in the market for future purposes. However, property and industrial estate agents now in a stable position and there is a bright possibility for it to still generate revenue in the future. On the other hand, the Internet service provider used to offer card systems have become extinct.

When it comes to focus on the real estate business, especially one might expect the brightness of the future for some reason some of these reasons may include the following:

Boom Residential Spaces

These days at any point we see is the construction of new residential space may be a bungalow or a large building. the population is increasing day by day and with it demand for residential property also increased at the same rate. Therefore, the future of estate agents here could prove to be one of the very remarkable because when it comes to the sale and purchase of residential spaces there is a big chance of the real estate business to take booming. The relationship between real estate and residential property is the one directly because people need to stay home and real estate can provide a perfect deal.

Trend Shopping Malls

Another very common concept to increase worldwide is a concept that applies a shopping center. Earlier people used to walk after shops differ in different corners but with the passage of time the mall is going very significant in the life of every individual. In this case, the development of the mall may leave many shops and stores individual who might require sales agents and here the role of real estate is something that is important. Many builders can approach the different agents for the purposes of either buying individual stores abandoned or builders working for the mall project can move toward a real estate agent for a big land. In any case, the future of real estate agents is one of the bright.

Both factors add a lot to the future of real estate agents and with this the reliability of which is owned by the agency to create a more professional person who is also a plus point for the real estate business and this makes the job of real estate agents grow.

4 Things That Will Help Fetch the Right Resale Value for Your Property

So, you’ve decided to sell your home. Wondering how to get the best deal that would justify holding it is an investment property until now. Before you put up a notice for sale, or begin to pass the news to near and dear ones, consider the fact that the market reality of some parts of the country has been slow.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to put in a little effort will make your property look much more attractive to potential buyers. Here are some expert tips that will help increase the resale value of your home with a few tens of thousands if not lakhs.

Pep exterior

Once the home is purchased, the owner of the house to spend time, money and energy in designing the interior with the desire and fancy them. What they miss to see is that, the exterior plays a major role in creating the impression in the minds of prospective buyers of the interior. This is the first exterior look before they take steps of the interior. Therefore, pay attention to your exterior pepping up in the same size with the interior to get the resale value better.

Creating additional space

The extra space is fine, but what if it does not serve the purpose? Moreover, what if the extra space is not in accordance with the ergonomic layout of the house right? Instead, think of ways to increase the space in the house. There are many companies with interior designers and architects vasthu consultant who helped change the physical dimensions of each house to make it look spacious and airy. A spacious house will take a higher resale price than one who boast about the extra space is small and does not fit.

Minor corrections right

Like drops of water that gather together to form a messy puddle, a number of small improvements unattended can wash significant portion of the resale value of your property. A prospective buyer would be interested to know the physical condition of the current and expected longevity of the house before making a final decision.

Scenes walls were leaking, falling patch and plumbing problems can certainly take a hit feasibility of selling the property. Therefore, make sure all the small repairs that study regularly.

Saving cushion for price negotiations

India is a ruthless negotiator. We are happy to haggle for the best deal in each transaction. Especially when it is about buying a new home expect the negotiations to be malignant than what you can imagine. Therefore, make sure you price your property with some cushion for the reduction during the negotiation process.

You may want to consider the level of the existing market of similar properties and how the bidding has ended before fix prices or to agree the price offered by the buyer.

The resale value of a property depends on various factors. The location, floor space, number of rooms and furnishings all play a major role in determining the resale price. However, other factors such as the exterior is well maintained, perfectly functioning plumbing and sanitation, extra room for storage, etc. can help further enhance the resale value to a higher denomination.

Lakeview in New Orleans: The Comeback

Hurricane Katrina and the levee breaches that followed completely ruined Lakeview in New Orleans. However, Lakeview, perhaps more than any other neighborhood in New Orleans, filed the rebuilding effort is very strong. This environment has made the most remarkable recovery since the storm. Lakeview is always a very family oriented environment. young professionals flocked to the region to raise their children. Environmental safety coupled with the fact that it is in New Orleans making it one of the neighborhoods that are more developed in the city.

Lakeview and Hurricane Katrina

Lakeview is one of the most talked about area of ​​New Orleans during a massive press coverage is provided from the storm. With lots of photos showing the destruction of the area, Lakeview became a household name and environment keynote referenced when the press is referenced New Orleans homes affected by a major storm. Because the Lakeview subdivision is located so close to the levee breaches, it was a watershed between the affected area and is not affected by the levee breaches.

Because many of the homes in Lakeview owned directly and are not required to have flood insurance by lenders, many property Lakeview do not have flood insurance when the tragedy occurred. It has many home owners in the area looking for other forms of financial aid to help rebuild. Again, this makes Lakeview at the forefront of the conversation about “how to rebuild New Orleans”.

Lakeview Demography

Lakeview, New Orleans is surrounded by water bodies on three sides. At the northern boundary is Lake Pontchartrain. The Orleans Street Canal is to the north and the canal path 17 is to the West. It is another draw for the environment. everyday citizens can be found boating on the lake, fishing directly from the bank, or just people watching on concrete steps from Lake Pontchartrain. If it’s seafood you crave you can catch yourself. Pull out crab traps and nets of shrimp and enjoy the gift of water around your offer.

Statistics from tells us that most of the people who live in Lakeview white-collar professionals. More than 22 percent of the male population working in a management role. Nearly 20 percent worked in sales or office work. Other business and finance jobs make up about 10 percent of men hold jobs in the area. Women who live in Lakeview similar jobs they hold. More than 25 percent work in the office or sales capacity. Another 14 percent worked in technical jobs or health, and 10 percent make their living in the field of education.

How Katrina Affected Lakeview Real Estate

Hurricane Katrina forever changed Lakeview. Before the storm, Lakeview is a desirable area but a lot of homes that have not been updated in years. Because Lakeview is focused by the media as the epicenter of the housing crisis of the storm, real estate investors from across the country gathered to buy the “flood and destroy” house in Lakeview. As a result, property values ​​Lakeview homes for sale rose. In many cases, homes go without walls to sell more of them are in full living conditions before the storm. Because many of the houses in Lakeview quickly rebuilt by the investor for a quick sale, Lakeview became one of the few areas that residents can go back to and real estate values ​​increased substantially. Redone with new homes on the market, Lakeview house became a hot commodity. Today, real estate search for “Lakeview Real Estate” ranks among the best real estate search in this country according to

New Orleans Facility

Orleans Parish also enjoyed one of the biggest areas of green space in this country. Established in 1854, New Orleans City Park is yet another beautiful attractive for Lakeview neighborhood. It is one of the oldest municipal park in the country. After the Great Depression, President Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration were at the heart of the growth and development of the City Park. Close to 20,000 of the residents work given the job of installing streets and fountains, and Tad Gormley Stadium. Many works of art from City Park comes from this era too. City Park occupies 1,300 acres, making it the 6th largest park in the country and almost twice the size of Central Park in New York. Some beautiful Oaks Living scattered throughout the park believed to be aged more than 600 years with one being almost 800 years old. Hurricane Katrina had a devastating effect kills about 2,000 trees are magnificent, but at least 5000 has grown since then to take their place.

City Park in New Orleans is home to the famous Dueling Oak. It is a hotspot for men to settle their score with dueling pistol. It is located in the Dueling Oaks drive; and is located between the Besthoff Sculpture Garden and New Orleans Museum of Art. The Governor-in-law William C.C. Claiborne, Micajah Green Lewis died here after being shot by a former president of the state senate Bernard de Marigny. Duel was banned in 1890; but while there may no longer duel, City Park still remains a source of inspiration and beauty for residents of Lakeview and many visitors who come to New Orleans every year.

Another New Orleans institution that adds flavor to the Lakeview area in recent years is the Morning Call. In 2012, New Orleans beignet machine open a location in the building Casino, Dreyfous Avenue. Originally founded in 1870, Morning Call also known as a rich café au lait, coffee mixed with chicory. Cash is the only form of payment accepted. Of course, Lakeview residents are well aware that they will always have cash on hand.

Lakeview Today

Lakeview, New Orleans is one of the best neighborhoods of New Orleans has to offer. Whether it is young families who want to buy a house in the city without being “in” the city, or you’re a student looking for a lease; Lakeview has you covered. It is not known for its diversity, but more than makes up for it with its roots and determination of the people to continue making it one of the safest, most family oriented neighborhood in the city of New Orleans.

Young people are now flocking to Lakeview just continuing the tradition and lifestyle of the generation before them come to know and love. Lakeview New Orleans is a mecca for friendliness and charm. The kind that can only be found in a town called Big Easy; Crescent City, New Orleans.

How Buyer’s and Seller’s Markets Impact Homes for Sale

There is not anything that is fast changing as real estate. housing prices will go up or down for a number of reasons. Although they can make a property investment in your own little risk, with little knowledge of shopper information can easily make the best decision when looking at homes for sale.

Buyers Market
Simply put, the buyer’s market is a result of the economic principles of supply and demand. In this case, there are more properties on the supply (ie sold) than there is demand for them, which means that those looking to invest in real estate has many options to choose from. Supply and demand fluctuates depending on how many new customers enter an area and how many homeowners in the region have decided to stay on their property.

Under these circumstances, there is abundant homes for sale, in favor of those who are interested in investing in residential property. Geographic area and price range were favorable and relatively low cost to purchase. If the housing in the area tend to take more than six months to sell, then it is considered a buyer’s market. You can easily find how many days properties have been registered in various real estate sites.

seller’s Market

In a seller’s market, it’s harder to find homes for sale. low supply compared to the demand for buying property. Prices are usually a little higher and the houses do not tend to stay active during the time period.

When this happens, there are a number of options. Buyers will have less opportunity to negotiate-because sellers may entertain other offers-and as a result, will pay more than they would in a buyer’s market. Sellers can increase their prices and, during the home appraise for the asking price, received more than they otherwise could.

What Stimulate Change

As with everything, residential properties will fluctuate between deficiency and excess. While there is no clear determination of how long the current phase will last, there are several factors that can affect the supply and demand of homes for sale in your area. Things such as interest rates, consumer confidence, and economic conditions have a high impact. A regional economic growth coupled with low interest rates and high confidence could lead more people to buy homes.

However, just because more people are buying does not mean there are too many people who sell. Supply tends to lag demand in real estate. While you might think that the low rates and good economic growth will spur a buyer’s market, it’s actually more advantageous to the seller. That’s because there are more parties are competing for the number of homes.

When the economy slows or interest rates rise, the demand decreases. When that happens, homes for sale will continue to be listed for a long time. With more options available real estate, qualified buyers have a better chance to find good deals on housing in their area. Buyers often can negotiate with the seller at a price much lower than what the seller originally intended.

The Best of Milton Real Estate

How does it feel to stay or move to a place of the fastest growing cities in the Golden Horseshoe. The fastest growth means more development, better opportunities and modern architecture. You will be able to find different types of flats, apartments and houses meet all your needs.

Do you want a compact apartments and houses for single use or small your family, maybe you want a big house built with spacious rooms and bedrooms for your extended family, or maybe you want to go for a more luxurious villas … you will heal -Built your choice real estate in Milton.


Milton is the fastest growing city according to a census conducted in 2006 and 2011. The census showed that Milton experiencing approx. 71% rise in population from 2001-2006 and saw about 56% surge in population from 2006 to 2011. The population of Milton, in 2014, is about 100,000, but as it is growing rapidly, the population in 2031 was estimated to be approx. 220,000.

You will also have problems communicating with people in Milton as approximately 70% of the population are native English speakers, according to the census of 2011. The remaining 30% of people can communicate in English as a second language.

Residency and Growth

With a population, housing growth also saw a large increase in Milton. It is also due to successful completion of the project dubbed “big pipe”, which is about making the structure of the pipeline that will deliver water from Lake Ontario to Milton.

In 2006, Milton has 7 new subdivisions, which include Hawthorne Village. Many new subdivisions of a growing list, which means that there will be a constant development – that is the secret of developed area.

Milton council, in 2014, approved the new construction in Milton, which saw a surge of 25,000 residents. In addition, there are a large number of construction home at a certain time in Milton, which attract more residents. In the total population, there are quite a lot of people coming from other areas of Ontario as well.


The town has easy access to highways 401 and 407 of Oakville and Hamilton. The town has a railway line trains for shipment. It has a passenger rail transport service from Go Transit and Via Rail.

If you take Highway 401, you are only 40 km away from the largest International airport (by passenger volume) Toronto Pearson. However, the city has an airport nearby in neighboring Burlington, Burlington airport. Service does not provide passenger service but irregular service.

Why Become So Popular with New Citizens?

1. A lot of people want to live in Toronto and surrounding areas. As Milton is about 56 km away from Toronto, it is becoming the favorite choice of many.

2. Since one of the city growing out there in Ontario, people here can get better and can improve their lifestyle.

3. Because of the city, it is more and more attractions than people who do not like about the city, but still want to stay in an advanced but less ‘noisy’ place.

4. For retired people and rich, this place has appeal as the periphery where they can live in peace and tranquility.

4 Tips on How to Have an Economical Yet Fun-Filled Holiday in Dubai

When in Dubai, one may find that the vacation costs spiral higher than the height of most of the skyscrapers! However, there are several ways by which one can have fun in the city, without burning a hole in my pocket. Seeing beautiful 5 star hotels and fancy eating joints, we often forget that there is another face of the city, which is quite easy on the wallet. In fact, tourists can enjoy a budgeted vacation by choosing a place and these facilities. Here are some tips for those who want to have an economical vacation in this spectacular destination, without compromising highlights and city landmarks.

Go For Villa or apartment rather than a hotel

A villa or apartment will be cheaper than a hotel room, if one is traveling with his / her family. The house offers spacious rooms, a large sitting area, and a fully equipped kitchen. Or, we can choose to live in a studio apartment in International City, Marina Diamond 1 in Dubai Marina, The Square in Al Mazmar, Skycourts Towers in Dubailand, or the Al Reef Downtown.

Keeping a Check on Eating Joints

For those who do not want to spend exorbitantly on food and drinks, they can head towards eating joints in the Meena Bazaar or the area of ​​Al Karama. Such outlets are not only the cheaper way than restaurant, but also serves some great food. However, if one wants to visit a restaurant, especially for the atmosphere and ocean / skyline hearts, then one may opt for a business lunch, because they are cheaper than fancy dinner spread.

Go For Smart Shopping

There is no denying that Dubai is a paradise for shopaholics. The main attractions include the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and Ibn Battutta Mall. However, not everyone knows that apart from the luxury shopping plaza, Dubai is home to some of the flea market, the most prominent one is Safa Park. Those who want to keep their spending within a budget can check store of Meena Bazaar, Karama Shopping Complex, Computer Street, and Souq Animals. One would be surprised to see how a little bargain goods can lead to more beautiful and fresh products in this market. Although the city is tax-free shopping center, a little study about the Gold Souk in Deira and tax-free shopping at the airport can also help a person save a good chunk of money. For those who can not resist buying goods from chic boutiques, they can visit the city during the shopping festival held in January each year, when most retail brands offer great discounts and deals.

Keep an Eye on Travel Expense

For tourists who are traveling alone or as an expat in Dubai, the cheapest mode of transport is car pooling. It gives access to all the traveling tourist spots. Those traveling with family or friends can take advantage of the taxi service, which proved to be quite cheaper than renting a car.

These are just a few ways that can help in engaging in an economical vacation in this magnificent destination. Of course, the final decision depends on one’s preference and budget. For all the best deals for apartments, events, sports and utility goods, one can log on to the classifieds site premium of Dubai. One can browse through an extensive list of offers featured on the site, compare prices, and grab the best bargains.

EZHeights and has great experience in the real estate industry. To check out more properties in Dubai

The Next Real Estate Collapse

Such as daily commutes go, I have nothing to complain about when I pointed my car toward the Sovereign HQ every morning. Traffic congestion on Interstate 95, the main artery of South Florida, is horrendous. So I took the scenic route, coastal beach road known as A1A.

The views of the great Atlantic Ocean. But recently, I enjoyed the drive for different reasons. It’s a ringside seat for the waste of luxury housing bubble now-deflating warn me about three months ago. The latest data showed more frightening to serious problems in this sector.

Every day, my travels took me through what A1A is the most expensive new homes sold in the United States: Le Palais Royal, under construction for the past five years.

Situated on 4.4 acre beach, which is “specification home” feature Atlantic Ocean as its backyard. The front page is a nearly 500-foot expanse of water of the Intracoastal Waterway – perfect for even the private super yacht is the largest.

jumped the front gate of the mansion, accented in 22-carat gold leaf, making a kind of hard to miss as you drive by. Just outside the gate is a 60,000 square foot house with 11 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, 18-seat IMAX home theater (with a screen 50-feet-wide), and a 30-car underground garage. Development plans call for a second stage in an empty lot next to the beach. That’s where the ice-skating rink, go-cart track, bowling alley and nightclub private supposed to go.

And it can all be yours for only $ 159 million.

But the tide of money leads to buy luxury homes, large or small, is receding as we speak.

Luxury Homes: The Next Real Estate Collapse?

Ignored in the holiday rush is news that luxury house prices fell 2.2% during the third quarter – the first such decline in nearly four years.

According to real estate brokerage Redfin, a rich client to step back for fear of stock market volatility, and worry about tying too much of their wealth in non-liquid assets, especially if another collapse of the real estate appears.

This decrease is even more important because luxury homes became something of a bellwether for the rest of the “non-lux” the real estate market (which is still up just under 4% for the same period).

The original housing stock bubble of a decade ago may offer clues about the timing. Shares of Toll Brothers (NYSE: TOL), the nation’s largest builder of luxury homes, peaking in July 2005 before the start of their sharp decline. But stock prices builders focused on the low end and mid-market prices to stay strong – at least initially. For example, shares of Lennar Brothers (NYSE: LEN), one of the largest homebuilders in the country, did not crack until April 2006.

Interestingly, Toll Brothers’ stock is now down nearly 25% from the highest position of their post-recovery (for the lowest price in 13 months), while Lennar shares just starting to break down.

California Dreamin ‘?

Chinese buyers have become key players in the run-up of American luxury house prices. And their influence is felt most strongly in California and the San Francisco Bay area, the hottest real estate market this American go-round.

Not coincidentally, it seems the Chinese buyers can now pull back there too, probably delivered the next real estate collapse. California home sales fell 20.5% in November – more than twice the monthly average (it is traditionally a weak month before the year-end holidays). October home sales also fell slightly over 5%, while dropping 1.5% in September.

To date, the real estate community appears to reject collapse in sales as a result of changes in disclosure rules for new loans by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and what is usually seasonal period for home sales remain soft.

I do not blame them. As a media consultant once told me back in the day of my reporting, “Do not let too many facts get in the way of a good story.”

But “the Chinese buyers’ real estate gravy train is grinding to a quick stop. 40% decline last summer in the Shanghai Composite Index should have been the first clue. The second is relentlessly positive “only temporary” narrative spun by brokers and property developers who do not want the trip to end so much. Third instructions may be on us here at the beginning of 2016 as the Shanghai index lurches lower.

So what does it all mean for you?

As Jeff Opdyke has warned, do not feel comfortable with the Federal Reserve’s spin on things. As the Chinese buyers retreat of American real estate, it kicks out yet another leg of support for the US economy.